“Only your look can transcend
our expertise”

Workshop that
creates and innovates using straw marquetry

The workshop

Paelis creates and designs unique and contemporary pieces around the savoir-faire of straw marquetry for design professionals and luxury houses.

The application possibilities of straw marquetry are multiple: interior architecture, design, decorative arts, accessories, etc. Each project, from bespoke furniture to the creation of a unique work of art, is conceived in close collaboration with the client.

Paelis brings all its expertise in straw marquetry and project design and guarantees the precision of its work as well as the quality of his achievements.

Paelis’ trademark: to offer unique alternatives to traditional straw marquetry through the design of original and contemporary patterns or the development of new application solutions on innovative supports.

Paelis, atelier d'artisanat d'art spécialisé en marqueterie de paille

Projects carried out

Interior architects, decorators, designers, luxury houses… They trusted Paelis for the conception and achievement of their projects.

Studio Paelis

The workshop is a place dedicated to creation and innovation.

Paelis regularly conceives pieces with a unique design, imagined and thought out by the members of the team.

Paelis, atelier de marqueterie de paille présente SiO II en paille de seigle et béton

The team

Led by Manon Bouvier-Toth, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in straw marquetry, the team is gathering different skills and expertise and is among the new generation of straw inlayers.

PAELIS, marqueterie de paille
Fondation Banque Populaire
Fondation Rémy Cointreau
Fondation EY
Label EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)
Guide Homo Faber

The workshop's news

Monday, August 1, 2022

Our monthly Paelist is out ⛱

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This month, you can find on our playlist all the favorite titles of the team for this summer. It was thought to be perfect for those on holidays who can dance all day and all night long as well as those, still working, who want to have a good time at the office!

The entire Paelis team wishes you a wonderful summer.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Paelis supported by the EY Foundation

Skill-based sponsorship

Paelis has the tremendous honor of being a new laureate of the Ernst & Young Foundation.

Created in 2008, the EY Foundation aims to recenter the society’s attention on the working human beings through human commitment by supporting projects calling on manual know-how, techniques and crafts and by acting in favor of integration through access to training and employment.

The EY Foundation works by according skills patronage from EY employees to selected project leaders.

Starting this year, the Foundation will support us through long-term skills sponsorship.