Paelis’ commitment

At the workshop, we all share the same vision on the usefulness our company can have on the world.

We believe it is our responsibility, as craftspeople, to show solidarity and mutual aid in a world that needs to focus again on the essential.

We believe that, through our work, we can support women and men ready to fight and defend causes that are dear to them.

We believe that today there are several battles to be waged on different fronts and in particular access to health for all, aid to populations in need and the protection of our planet.

This is why, for each sale of one of Paelis' original creations, part of the amount will be donated to an international association of your choice between:

- Union for International Cancer Control

- The Red Cross

- Reforest'Action

Together, we can act for our future.

At first, the dialogue between Clémence Rotureau and PAELIS in the making of this creation was about the notion of identity and belonging to a group, to a community who shares the same desire to think the future of fine crafts. Naturally, they drew their inspiration from symbolic objects such as the totem and the mask, or even the breastplate, a figure of protection and affirmation of a clan. This is how the sixth and final piece of the SiO collection was born.

Through this captivating wall sculpture, it is the savoir-faire and creativity that radiates. This combination of geometric shapes catches the eye with its scale and the way it diffuses light. From the heart of the piece, the latter reveals the volumes and accentuates the contrast between rye straw and concrete, two materials that are both opposite and complementary.

A true manifesto of the PAELIS universe, this ultimate creation from the SiO collection invites us to imagine the future of marquetry and artistic craftsmanship.

Dimensions: 1200mm x 12000mm
Price: on request

SiO VI - Collaboration Clémence Rotureau x Paelis

Rye straw and concret

Uniò is a creation born from the meeting between two artisans and two skills.

This dialogue between brass and straw allowed Yannick Szekany and Manon Bouvier-Toth to work on the hooking of light and the creation of relief. The brass lines create a frame, a subtle vibration which underlines and sublimates the straw marquetry.

The border between the two materials creates a flamboyant harmony, halfway between the organic and the mineral.

The top, inspired by the aesthetics of Tangram, has been designed to be modular and can be declined in different colors according to the interiors, eras and moods.

Dimensions: 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 400 mm
Price: on request

Unio, création originale de l'atelier Paelis spécialisé en marqueterie de paille

UniO - Collaboration Atelier Ysze x Atelier Paelis

Rye straw and brass

This piece is the first original creation entirely imagined by the Paelis workshop. Bayan is an old abandoned piece of furniture that has been restored and reworked in order to give it a new life.

Eager to play with the light of blue straw and this original pattern, Manon Bouvier-Toth collaborated with a lacquerer and a mirror worker for the interior. The reflections of the straw, enriched by those of the interior lacquer and mirror surfaces, give an impression of spellbinding depth.

Exhibited on numerous occasions, this creation is the flagship piece that represented the savoir-faire and identity of the workshop, both in France and abroad.

Dimensions: 1410 mm x 470 mm x 370 mm
Price: on request

Bayan, création originale de l'atelier Paelis


Rye straw, lacquer and mirror

SiO II is created in 2021, in the continuity of the creative momentum of the workshop around straw and stone. After SiO I, much more focused on contrasts and the play of light between black straw and stone, this second creation of the SiO collection focuses on highlighting textures and impressions of reliefs. The geometric pattern, freely inspired by the period of Abstract Art, causes an impression of movement and depth that prevents us from looking away ...

Dimensions : 1000mm x 800mm
Price : on request

Paelis, atelier de marqueterie de paille présente SiO II en paille et béton


Rye straw, concrete

SiO is the first creation of Paelis in straw and stone. It represents a characteristic desire of the workshop: innovating and constantly seeking new materials to match rye straw.

All the work here resides in the alliance between two materials with opposite properties: one is warm, luminous, light and easy to work with, while the other is colder, angular, dense and uneven.

The marriage between straw and stone, both treated using marquetry techniques, creates an astonishing and captivating wall sculpture. The matte reflections of the stone play with the more changeable ones of the straw to create an impression of relief and suspension.

Dimensions: 1200mm x 1200mm
Price: on request

Paelis, atelier de marqueterie de paille présente SiO I


Rye straw, stone leaves

Paelis is a workshop that attaches great importance to the diversification of its creations, in terms of technique, patterns and size.

This piece was made for a cigar lover sensitive to details and the delicacy of straw. Discreet at first glance, this cigar humidor is the fruit of a reflection around the alliance between tradition and modernity. The rectilinear arrangement and the dark reflections of the sides highlight the complexity and light that emanate from the motif, invented by Manon Bouvier-Toth, on the lid.

Between Art Deco inspiration and originality, this object of curiosity is one of the smallest pieces designed and produced by Manon Bouvier-Toth.

Dimensions: 262 x 223 x 105 mm
Price: sold, reissue possible

Boîte à cigares, création originale de l'atelier Paelis

Cigar Humidor

Wood and rye straw

Continuing the process of the beginning of her career, Manon Bouvier-Toth recovered an old clock table from the 1980s to bring it back to life thanks to the straw.

This coffee table is immediately reminiscent of a sundial thanks to the pattern, aptly called “sun”, and the particular luminosity of the straw used. The piece is modernized and reinterpreted, not only through the techniques and play of light of the straw marquetry but also according to the workshop's vision, that of offering creations that form a link between the past and the future. A piece, in short, that stands the test of time.

Price: sold

Chronos, création originale de l'atelier Paelis


Wood, rye straw, glass

KyanopĪ is one of the latest original creations from Paelis. Inspired by art deco era, it concentrates on its three panels the multiple techniques of straw marquetry traditional and contemporary, while keeping the Paelis spirit.

Currently at the end of the creation, the triptych will be framed with a museum glass to highlight the subtlety of its colors and light reflections.

Dimensions: three panels 1500 x 400 mm
Price: on request

Paelis, atelier d'artisanat d'art spécialisé en marqueterie de paille


Rye straw