Upon receipt of the straw ordered from our supplier in Burgundy (France), it must be opened in half and flattened.

The outside of the straw is covered with a natural varnish, called silica, which gives it this special luminosity and natural protection.

Once opened, each strand is checked one by one to remove any flaws such as sun spots or breakage.

They are then glued edge to edge on a support using a plioir, a bone tool that becomes an extension of the craftsman's hand.

Manon Bouvier, gestes de la marqueterie de paille

Our savoir-faire

Today, straw marquetry is used for all kinds of coverings (furnitures, walls, ceilings, works of art, etc.) but our team is determined to push the limits of the savoir-faire and to explore all the possibilities of this bewitching material.

Paelis, atelier de marqueterie de paille présente SiO II en paille et béton

The possibilities of application