Research and development

This is a real point of honor for the workshop. The team seeks to give another dimension to straw marquetry: find innovative ways of working the material, combining it with other materials or even imagining new techniques of application.

It also involves the creation of new patterns, the association of straw with innovative supports, the use of more up-to-date colors, improvement of mulching techniques or even the search for new uses for the straw.

Project design

The team accompanies you in each of your projects, from design to creation, by offering you specific solutions to allow the best achievement of your project.

This commitment is part of the team’s desire to help you as best as possible in the realization of your ideas.

Paravent Bambou, Flavia de Laubadère et Paelis, atelier d'artisanat d'art spécialisé en marqueterie de paille

A team of experts

The know-how and the skills of each one are put at your disposal for the realization of your project.

From the creation of a custom-made piece of furniture or an art object, Paelis accompanies you throughout all the stages of the achievement of your idea.

Manon Bouvier, les gestes et outils de la marqueterie de paille

Between tradition and innovation

Stimulated by Manon Bouvier-Toth, the team attaches paramount importance to thinking about the marquetry of tomorrow through research, development and innovation.

But Paelis also aims to ensure the transmission and the application of traditional techniques of straw marquetry by talking about a discipline still little known to the general public.

Paelis, atelier de marqueterie de paille