Between tradition and innovation

The Paelis workshop aims to ensure the transmission and application of the traditional techniques of straw marquetry.

Under the leadership of Manon Bouvier, the team also attaches paramount importance to thinking about tomorrow's marquetry throughout research, development and innovation.

Manon Bouvier, les gestes et outils de la marqueterie de paille

Listening to our clients

The team is constantly listening to their customers. All of Paelis’ savoir-faire is dedicated to the realization of their projects such as the mulching of furniture, wall panels or even smaller objects such as cigar cellars, frames or mirrors.

Le plioir, prolongement de la main du marqueteur de paille

Research and development

This is a real point of honor for the workshop. The team is constantly seeking new ways of working the material in order to give a new dimension to the discipline.

The team wants to imagine tomorrow's application of straw marquetry and therefore, constantly think about new way to adapt the savoir-faire: the creation of new patterns, the association of straw with innovative supports, the use of more up-to-date colors, the improvement of mulching techniques or the search for new uses for straw.

Paelis, atelier d'artisanat d'art spécialisé en marqueterie de paille

Project design

Our team supports you in your projects, from the concept to the creation. This pole stems from the previous two and is part of the team's desire to support you as best as possible in the realization of your ideas.

Paravent Bambou, Flavia de Laubadère et Paelis, atelier d'artisanat d'art spécialisé en marqueterie de paille