The Gradium wall lamp is the result of the collaboration between designer Grégoire Floquet and the Paelis workshop. It combines the traditional savoir-faire of straw marquetry with 3D creation techniques.

Grégoire Floquet is a young designer sensitive to the feelings of appropriation and affection that man has for the objects he encounters. His curiosity combined with his constant desire for experimentation led him to imagine the Gradium wall lamp.

Presented for the first time at PAD Paris 2022, the wall lamp is currently exhibited at the Mayaro gallery as part of the "Rêver la Matière" exhibition.

Gradium, applique lumineuse G. Floquet x Paelis

Gradium - Light wall lamp

Grégoire Floquer x PAELIS

The Take Away box of Team France Bocuse d'Or was born after 6 months of research, studies and experiments around the best materials and perfect design. 100% made of plant-based materials, this box was imagined and designed by Paelis to be functional, reusable while remaining unique. It is a real luxury case, produced in 15 copies, which has highlighted the dishes of the French team led by Davy Tissot, winner of the Bocuse d'Or final.

This creation was inspired by discussions with friends and families, designed thanks to the work of different trades and in close collaboration with the gastronomic expertise of Davy Tissot and his team. It uses different savoir-faire for which innovation is absolutely essential: 3D printing based on starch filaments, a vegetable varnish produced by the Vercadi workshop as well as the straw marquetry created in our workshop in Lyon.

The exterior is clad in charcoal-tinted black straw in a random herringbone pattern imagined by Paelis while the lid, bottom and inner platters are covered in golden straws applied in threads.

By wishing to combine craftsmanship with culinary art, Paelis is proud to have accompanied the French team towards the consecration and victory of the Bocuse d'Or 2021.

Bocuse d'Or 2021, Paelis Épreuve Take Away marqueterie de paille

Lunch Box, theme Take Away Team France Bocuse d'Or

Designed by Paelis, 100% plant-based materials

Louis Vuitton is publishing in 2021 an office secretary inspired by the famous Secretary Stokowski.

Created in 1929 by Georges Vuitton for Leopold Stokowski, this trunk was designed to meet all the needs of a nomad worker: many drawers, storage spaces for books and papers, a safe at the time intended to put down a typewriter and everything needed to work during a trip.

The workshop took care of lining the interior of the secretary in straw marquetry, according to a pattern using the Maison's LV initials.

Louis Vuitton et Paelis, atelier d'artisanat d'art spécialisé en marqueterie de paille

Louis Vuitton - Secrétaire Bureau 2.0

Wood, canvas, leather, straw marquetry

It was love at first sight for their respective skills that led Thierry Martenon and Manon Bouvier-Toth to work together. As soon as they met, they felt the need to create for each other.

This sculpture is the first of a long collaboration. It unites the hands, materials, tools and gestures of its two creators.

The wood magnifies the straw and the straw magnifies the wood. The skills complement each other and come together to create a unique, complex and fascinating piece.

Création originale Thierry Martenon et Paelis, atelier d'artisanat d'art spécialisé en marqueterie de paille

Original creation Thierry Martenon x Paelis

Maple and straw

We worked in close collaboration with the Team France Bocuse d'Or to design a tray in accordance with the dishes presented during the European final. The workshop carried out precise and delicate work on the straw marquetry but also on other customer requests, in particular the production of eggs in plaster and real shells.

The tray was designed by Xavier Salerio (Designer-architect), Bernard Frizza, bronze artist (MOF), Maxime Lacroix, cabinetmaker, and Marion Chatel-Chaix, culinary designer. It won the Best Tray Award in the final round of the Europe competition.

Plateau Team France, Bocuse d'Or Finale Europe 2020

Tray, Team France Bocuse d'Or

Best Tray Award, Europe Final 2020

This screen was designed according to the drawings of designer and interior architect Charlotte Biltgen. She is at the start of many projects known for their originality and creativity. Among them, the Clay, the intimate restaurant of Élodie and Jean-François Piège.

For this original screen, Manon Bouvier-Toth interpreted Charlotte Biltgen's design using straw marquetry techniques and, therefore, incorporating an additional movement in the undulation of the waves. The gradient, from light gray to black, associated with reflections of straw and those of brass from Atelier Yzse make this creation particularly luminous.

Screen Charlotte Biltgen x Atelier Ysze x Paelis

Rye straw, brass

The creative duo composed of Flavia de Laubadère and Manon Bouvier-Toth highlights black straw and bamboo leaf.

This screen reveals all the beauty of a savoir-faire and incorporates a new material, which both highlights and breaks with the tradition of straw marquetry.

The screen was imagined and designed by Flavia de Laubadère. The pattern, created with Manon Bouvier-Toth, is inspired by the reflections of light on white bamboo leaves, in the chiaroscuro of a full moon night.

Paelis, atelier d'artisanat d'art spécialisé en marqueterie de paille

Screen Flavia de Laubadère x Paelis

Straw and bamboo

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